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Dubya is a clothing company that you will see play into 2 themes. 


The first theme is simple 


dubya means win.


Throwing on a dubya clothing item should feel like “I’m bout to bring my f****n best today and I’m going to f****n WIN!” I don’t care if the only thing you have to do that day is laundry, win. 


The second theme is simple if you let it be simple. Here it goes.


dubya did 911 now he does art.


It’s true. Not the whole did 9/11 part, but yes, in retirement George W Bush paints and they’re actually really dope pieces. Why is that central to our brand? Because it is inspiring to know that it’s never too late to pick up art and get good at it. 


We are not here to teach or spread a theory on what happened but we’d be dumb not to make some clothing that takes advantage of the fact we were able to land such a enticing domain name. You seen a ad that led you to believe this site was about 9/11? we would be stupid not to run that ad cause look at you, here… on our website .. reading this. Thank you for your time if you would like a shirt, sticker or whatever we came up with that says dubyadid911 on it then click here but just remember We are a clothing coming company called DUBYA and we too are surprised the domain name dubyadid911 was available. 


2 themes, one brand. GO DO ART & BRING YOUR F****N BEST!

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